Media Literacy is part of the solution to our problems.

Media is everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. It’s a tricky thing. Teachers will passionately tell us that this is the Holy Grail, the Million Dollar Question: How can we teach kids to be discriminating about information so that they grow up to be sophisticated, discerning and informed grown-ups? Imagine this for some context: If we’d only just…

Who Needs Empathy?

<riff> Who needs empathy? What value is there to the exercise of displacing ourselves from our situation for a moment to try and experience the world from a completely different point of view? Is that something any of us average people in the West can even do if we tried? Even if it is, why…

Powered by Touch

Last night, in a dream of all things, I was reminded of a very real encounter that changed my perception for so much the better. I wrote about it then, almost 4 years ago, but I am moving my fingers across the keyboard now, re-posting it here to keep it fresh in memory. Okay, so…

The Future of Technology Operations

Since I last wrote about it, Technology Operations (TechOps for short) has evolved. Particularly Development Operations, or DevOps for short, has become widely adopted + continues to evolve, coupled with new technologies that have been directly influenced by it + the culture it has helped shape. Even though many organizations are still struggling to realise…

The Underrated Power of Lists.

Like making lists? Me, too. Even though my lists may not look like lists in the traditional sense, they still serve a pretty cool purpose.

TAG, you’re it.

Yesterday was kind of a big deal, celebrated quietly inside my own heart. It was the 10th anniversary of the day I completed a labor of love that changed my life for so much the better.

Teaching Fish To Swim

If you’re trying to teach fish how to swim, it helps if you put them in the water.